5 Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in San Diego


San Diego, with its wonderful subtropical climate, low crime rate and lively culture, is the second largest city in California and one of the most exciting places to live in the United States.

San Diego luxury homes can be found in several exclusive neighborhoods along the bay to the peninsula of Coronado all the way to the seaside communities of Del Mar and Solana Beach that reflect the affluent reputation it has earned over the years.

5. Del Mar, 92014

This amazing beach town located just south of La Jolla is where everyone else desires to live. The demand of beachfront properties in Del Mar is very high and its hefty real estate tags can vouch to that. With many people wanting to move here, it is smart to start your search for a Del Mar home early on. You wouldn’t want your dream home to be snatched away. This neighborhood offers culture like no other, stunning architectural designs, lively downtown area, and a wonderful weather all-year long.

4. Coronado, 92118

Coronado gives off a charming village atmosphere and is among the most prestigious real estate in the West Coast. Its idyllic setting can be a home destination for anyone looking to enjoy the best of San Diego’s diverse lifestyle.

Coronado is proud of its award-winning schools, thriving business industry and its active beach culture that gives off a more laid-back vibe that attracts both the young property buyers and families alike.


3. La Jolla, 92037

La Jolla is posh, class, metropolitan all the way. Charmingly dubbed as ‘The Jewel’ of the West Coast, it is considered to be like Beverly Hills right on the beach. It is one of the most expensive places to live, shop, dine or visit in the country. La Jolla is all about opulence wherever you look. Its grandeur can be seen and felt just by walking around the neighborhood and admiring the multimillion-dollar architectures, mansions up the hills and by the coast with luxury boutiques dotting the landscape.

The real estate market in La Jolla is hot. Many successful people want to own a piece of La Jolla, however, homes are in high-demand. These high-end glamorous homes have many luxurious amenities that allows its residents to live in bliss.

2. Rancho Santa Fe, 92067

One of the most sought after places to live among the rich is ‘The Ranch’ or ‘Rancho’. It is one of the nation’s 10 most expensive neighborhoods according to Market Watch. Rancho Santa Fe boasts some of the highest earning families in the U.S. To see some of the most luxurious homes in Rancho Santa Fe click here.

Home to over 3000 people, this coastal community is mainly composed of wooded lots, waterfalls, equestrian estates and highly exclusive family compounds.

Residents can enjoy upscale shopping, world-class dining and an abundance of recreational activities. It is only a few minutes drive away to the beach and 30-minute drive away to downtown San Diego.

1. The Bridges

The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe is a highly exclusive country club within a gated residential community. While the country club membership is open to residents and non-residents, it is strictly by invitation only.

A 10,785-square-foot home on 2.1 acres with a pool and other luxurious features cost around $7.5 million while a 6185-square-foot home on a .7 acre with a pool and other amenities can cost around $3.5 million.

Live the high life and have easy access to various sporting amenities, day camps, innovative medical facilities and private jet travel services.